Youth Group

Youth Group

SAY is a High School Youth Group sponsored by St. Anthony’s Parish in Novato. We strive to create a fun, safe, and healthy environment where teens can get together and get involved in their community.

Some activities…

  • Study Hall: Once a week SAY has a Study Hall in our Parish Hall. Students are welcome to come and work on any homework, projects, or study for any test. If you are stuck on something, it’s a great place to come and get help!
  • Community Involvement: We never forget about our community. Not only does SAY volunteer for people and events within the parish, they also look for opportunities to volunteer in the surrounding communities. Such as, serving at the local homeless shelters, help clean local parks and ponds, and always look for new ways to help the community as a whole.
  • Community building: It is important for our teens to have activities where they can meet new people, and exercise their leadership, socialization, and team building skills. This is why we have BBQ’s, Lock-Ins, Scandia trips, ski trips, dodge ball nights, and much more….
  • Fundraisers: In order to support these activities the Teens hold Bake Sales, Carnivals, Easter egg hunts and other ideas they create to fund their group activities.
  • Twitter Talk: Thursdays SAY is welcome to come to the Hall during the time of 7th & 8th grade Faith Formation classes. Students hangout from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm and talk about topics that are brought up on twitter and other social media. We will share our thoughts and opinions all while exploring our faith!
  • SAY Choir: Currently we are working on getting the youth involved in a once a month youth choir here at St. Anthony’s, at the 9:00am Mass.

Who are youth?

Young people are defined as adolescents from the ages of 12-18 in junior high or high school.

 Goals of Youth Ministry

#1: To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
Youth Ministry should begin to teach adolescents what a life of discipleship looks like. As baptized members of the Church, youth are called to serve others and to serve Christ, bringing about the Kingdom of God on earth in unique ways. It is the youth minister, pastor, or parent’s job to empower adolescents to live Christian lives of discipleship. Youth are empower to live “the joy of the Gospel and the strength of the Eucharist” (St. John Paul II, 1995 World Day of Prayer for Vocations).

#2 To draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community.

#3 To better foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.
“The Church is concerned for the whole person, addressing the young people’s special needs in the context of his or her whole life” (Renewing Vision). Youth Ministry in the Church should promote holistic growth and development; that is, growth and development of the entire person.